Welcome to BizOps Forum 2022

Shift from IT cost saving to Business Productivity

With the motto "Shift from cost savings to Business Productivity", this year's BizOps Forum is dedicated to modern ways of sustainably increasing productivity in IT. For good reason! After all, this is what actually improves profitability in companies - not short-term IT cost savings.

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The event will take place on June 1st and 2nd, 2022.

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About BizOps Forum

BizOps Forum is an innovative virtual event for users that will take place in 2022, June 1st-2nd. Look forward to a unique event experience with enhanced 3-D Avatar platform and keynotes from our top-notch speakers. Log in and experience modern ways of productive IT monitoring with AIOps, evaluate enhanced cyber protections with SecOps, and engage in casual exchanges with other attendees.


Why come to the BizOps Forum

Frank Jahn

BizOps Enthusiast and CSO, amasol

"At the BizOps Forum 2022, experts* from all over the world will come together virtually to share their experiences and success stories with you. Experience live innovative IT solutions that advance your BizOps: Representatives of renowned IT manufacturers from the fields of automation, observability, user experience, IT cost transparency and more are looking forward to meeting you. And all this in the context of an interactive live experience in the amasol Digital Avatar Space."

The BizOps Experience

Virtual events are boring, you think? Yes, that's true! But only if there is nothing to see and do. Our vision is very clear: Our participants want to experience something and that's what they should do at our event.

Look forward to:

a customizable 3-D avatar that allows you to virtually immerse yourself in the BizOps experience.

               a topic-based matching algorithm for your networking with other visitors

             XP points for every virtual interaction, which you can convert into real workshops after the event. 

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