BizOps Forum

BizOps Forum– Business Operations in a Digital World

What must modern business processes look like in an increasingly digital world? Ideally, they are deeply connected with the agile IT processes of a company. Managed, optimized and operated by interface teams from "Business" and "Operations". In other words: BizOps.

The BizOps Forum is aimed at precisely these teams and decision-makers. During the event, IT management experts will present the latest trends in the industry.

The event focusses on the exchange of user experiences. In addition, leading international software manufacturers will present new technologies for IT management.

A unique digital event experience

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    Modern digital community event - as a 3-D virtual reality experience

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    Avatar-supported 3-D virtual reality experience in the Digital Avatar Space (DAS)

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    Compact time units -- easy to integrate into the working day

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    Year-round networking on the BizOps community platform

More about the concept