Review BizOps Forum 2021

Review BizOps Forum 2021


We look back at the BizOps Forum 2021!

Missed our virtual event? No problem! Here you will find the link to the videos of all presentations and workshops as well as a review in key statements and sequences of the most positively rated contributions.

Key Statements 2021

Almost 40 presentations and workshops were held at the BizOps Forum 2021. We have highlighted the most positively rated contributions for you in key statements in a review. Each key statement has been underpinned with a corresponding video excerpt. The summary is aimed at all participants and interested parties as a common thread to the current state of discussion on the topic of BizOps.

All presentations available on-demand!

The recordings of all presentations of the BizOps Forum 2021 are available on-demand on our BizOps Forum YouTube Channel.

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