The concept

BizOps Forum 2021 – the concept:

In 2021, we're taking the BizOps Forum to a new level. Nothing is as you knew it before:

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    Modern, digital community event

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    Avatar-supported 3-D virtual reality experience in the Digital Avatar Space (DAS)

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    Hand-On information via user presentations and impulse workshops - all in the BizOps context

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    Presentations in compact sessions that can be easily integrated into the working day

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    Various networking opportunities during the event

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    Interaction is rewarded: Incentive XP points system

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    Year-round networking via BizOps Community platform as a permanent feature

The BizOps Forum 2021 opens new horizons

Curious to hear more?
Then come with us on a little journey of discovery...

Networking like in real life … only better!

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    No more Blind Date!

    Thanks to the integration of the BizOps community platform, you can quickly and easily find participants with similar interests and topics.

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    After entering the Digital Avatar Space (DAS) you can meet other participants where you can see their main interests at a glance.

Get in Touch … and stay in touch!

Your participation in the BizOps Forum guarantees you valuable contacts and lively exchange with the BizOps Community - not only on the day of the event, but also beyond.

You will receive access to the BizOps Community platform as a part of your registration for the BizOps Forum.

You would like to exchange ideas with the BizOps Community already today?

No Problem! You can register on the platofrm right now here.

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Networking pays off - Our XP points incentive

You receive points, so-called XPs (Exprience Points) for attending presentations and workshops, for comments, feedback as well as any kind of engagement. Your collected points can be redeemed for amasol consulting services after the event.