Über den Vortrag

Public Cloud is becoming part of every digital organisation. With hybrid and multi cloud, IT infrastructures become more flexible and scalable but also more complex. Factual Application Performance Management (APM) can help to proactively manage this complexity. Rolf will explain how the concept of APM is key to integrating more clouds in your landscape and automating public cloud technology. With APM correctly in place, IT leaders and experts will be able to deliver the KPIs needed for Business Operations.

Über den Referenten

Rolf van Anholt
Rolf van AnholtPortfolio Manager, Sentia

Rolf van Anholt is portfolio manager at Sentia. He translates the challenge of customers and the IT market into standard products, is product owner of the Ymonitor Platform and co-creates innovative services the market needs. His focus is on bringing knowledge, products and services to European customers that can be used to gain factual IT insights, cope with fast changing IT hybrid Cloud landscapes, and leverage IT to achieve business goals.

Rolf’s 15+ years experience in Operational Services at two of the largest Dutch system integrators and 5 years of experience in the APM & ITOA market, makes him an expert in ITOM for a great diversity of markets and IT landscapes.

In this respect he inspired organizations such as Eneco, Rabobank, SSC-ICT and VodafoneZiggo with tailored ITOA and APM solutions.