Über den Vortrag

Traditional Service Level Reporting focuses on monthly SLA reports to be delivered at the beginning of every new month. Depending on the maturity, this process is more or less automated and heavily depending on the internal data delivery in time and quality. As basis for operational and business decisions these monthly reports come too late. Next level SLM delivers this information on the contractual performance in business real time with focus on business and customer impact. In this workshop we address, how you can start your journey towards the next level SLM.

Über den Referenten

Dr. Joachim Brenneisen
Dr. Joachim BrenneisenPrincipal Consultant, amasol AG

Joachim Brenneisen is Principal Consultant at amasol for the area of Technology Business Management. Joachim has 30+ years of experience in the software business with development, system integration and operations for large national and international customers. Since 2004 Joachim’s passion goes with automated Service Level Management. He implemented 50+ SLM systems at renowned Service Providers and Enterprises. Customers appreciate his dedication to the domain and his deep knowledge of the best practices.