Michael Fiterman, TBM Consultant

Michael Fiterman, TBM Consultant

amasol AG

Service Level Management 2.0 -amasol´s new automated platform for efficient SLM

amasol's mission with amc SLM is to provide its existing customers and (in the future) new customers with a stable, reliable and flexible tool for Service Level Management. This will be a modern, automated SLM solution that will remain flexible and customizable, while also allowing our customers to tightly integrate it with existing tools to act as a data consumer for calculations and analytics or as a data provider for existing tools, such as visualization products; and that will serve the business and technical users alike. As we’re gradually adding modules to the product, we are evaluating our customers’ needs at every point down the road and expect amc SLM to be a one-stop shop for SLM.

Über den Referenten

Michael Fiterman is an SLM/ITFM expert with 12 years of experience in IT Business Management, IT Financial Management and Service Level Management in various roles including Professional Services, Pre-Sales and Product Management ranging from far technical to business analysis and pre-sales activities. In the last years he had been providing thought leadership for enterprise customers on strategic financial technology and service level management projects and later – managing product design and implementation from concept to deployment.