Neil Pearson, Senior Observability Specialist

Neil Pearson, Senior Observability Specialist


The evolution of Observability

Why its time to re-evaluate observability in the age of hybrid and multicloud environments & how LogicMonitor's platform approach gives you back time to focus on the most high value tasks

Über den Referenten

Neil is a Senior Observability Specialist based in the UK. He has been advising customers in IT operations, application support & development teams for over 30 years in various roles; including consulting, product management, service  management, engineering, system administration, product marketing and software sales. He has worked for both B2B startups and as a customer; most recently at Bank of America where he managed enterprise monitoring services and tools. His mission is to help customers measurably improve their business and give your staff back time to do more of the things that matter to them the most with LogicMonitor's Unified Observability solutions.