Über den Vortrag

The Daimler AG with its operating subsidiaries Mercedes-Benz AG and Daimler Truck AG is one of the largest providers of premium cars and the largest commercial vehicle manufacturer in the world. A modern Daimler vehicle is more than a means of transportation. It is intelligent and digitally connected. Vehicle generated data will improve our daily mobility experience.

The data will be processed, formatted and analyzed by a highly dynamically cloud based application called VDC (Vehicle Data Conditioning) and provided to different internal and external consumers.

Our presentation shows which challenges lie in the monitoring and support of such an application. With the Moogsoft AIOps solution we are able to emphasize the most​ important errors out of a monitoring events ​stream with more than 200.000 events per day. Algorithms and machine learning enabled us to make our support process more efficient and improve cross-team collaboration.

Über die Referenten

Madalin Broscaru
Madalin BroscaruIT-Architekt, Mercedes Benz AG

Technical architect with 20 years of extensive experience in full projects life cycles: from design & development to testing & supporting complex software solutions.

Broad knowledge of IT business ranging from low-level technical details and algorithms to complex system architectures with excellent leadership, technical, communication, analytical and problem-solving skills.

The pop-up in your job:

  • The challenge of delivering top IT solutions with a positive impact for our customers.
Salman Sayeed
Salman SayeedIT Sales & After Sales, Enterprise Platform (ITT/QIS), Mercedes-Benz Research and Development India

Salman Sayeed is a Senior IT consultant with 4+ years of proven Digital Expertise in the area of IT for Aftersales-Vehicle Diagnostics and Connected Services. He is focused on designing and improving IT support processes and maintaining IT applications with high availability. At Mercedes Benz R&D, he is solving day to day problems in IT Operations and makes sure the services are available for end consumers and Mercedes Benz Retailers.