Über den Vortrag

Kaustabh Bera will talk about how his team has focussed on finding unnecessary usage of resources, applying right-sizing, and checking on Reserved Instances (RI) with Cloudability which has resulted in significant cost reduction and optimization.

Über die Referenten

Kaustabh Bera
Kaustabh Bera Head of Application Services (Cloud Dev), Large German Enterprise Industrial Manufacturing Company

Kaustabh Bera is Head of Application Services (Cloud Dev) at a large German enterprise industrial manufacturing company.

He has a total of 20+ years of diverse experience across IT services – among others Delivery Management, Customer Management, Product Development Project execution, Driving IT transformational programs, Setting up CoEs, etc.

He holds a master of technology from the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, one of the premier Indian Technology Institutes.