John Adams, Keysight Technologies

John Adams, Keysight Technologies

Hack yourself

Hack Yourself

An Integration solution story over Keysight’s Visibility Architecture and Breach and Attack Simulation(BAS) with Extrahop Next Generation IDS. NetOps and SecOps teams are in need of fast, uncompromised, and efficient information to minimize operational stress. Keysight taps passively collect uncompromisable data from the wire. Complex environments will require infrastructure to support this high dataflow of source information. Keysight’s Network Packet Brokers(NPB) provide intuitive management over this high volume of data with 100G native NPBs utilizing FPGA technology to ensure a lossless design. With a complete picture from the wire, Extrahop’s Next Generation IDS maximizes it’s machine learning capabilities with a complete picture from the network. Keysight’s Threat Simulator validates your security posture with automated attacks to provide peace of mind concerning the most important attacks.

Threat Hunting with Keysight + ExtraHop

A live demonstration of Breach and Attack Simulation and Threat Hunting over Keysight Visibility Architecture with Extrahop Integration. Keysight’s Threat Simulator will source attacks that will be captured by taps. The captured traffic will ride through a Keysight Network Packet Broker feeding an Extrahop Reveal(x) platform. Attacks such as WannaCry and Sunburst will be conducted and hunted out across the platforms to demonstrate an uncompromisable security solution to continuously validate your security posture.